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Here you are close to everything.

The remarkable position in recent Kâğıthane, the development is located at the meeting point of the main arteries of the city and conversion to an open area.

Kâğıthane Levent-Maslak Line just east of Istanbul, with two major transportation corridors E-5, E-6 (TEM) is among. This advantageous location with Eyup significant as a new central business district has potential. Silahtarağa-Cendere way, Cendere-Hasdal way and Hasdal Junction is one of the large arteries.

7 Hills / 7 Tunnel project, opened Kagithane- Piyalepaşa-Dolmabahçe tunnels provide uninterrupted transportation.

The project has been completed and the tender 24.5 km in length, starting from the Stone-Mahmutbey rail Stone Beşiktaş, Şişli, Mecidiyeköy, as far as the Kâğıthane and Tekstilkent. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality conducted by increasing the attractiveness of transportation projects, strengthening the infrastructure of the transformation of the neighborhood.


A Crossroads in the heart of the city.
Kâğıthane business and an important crossroads near the trade center. However Kâğıthane Creek, mills for many years, was surrounded by warehouses and factories. The district lost its charm, becoming an industrial area is now getting to the good old days.

With the new development work, where the factory is located, is scheduled to be removed from the area of ​​the workshop and warehouse. Levent district of Istanbul, located a few kilometers from the new trade and exhibition center is transformed into culture.

Kâğıthane another exciting projects more shape. Kâğıthane Stream to remain continuously providing clean water streams of water flow from the Bosphorus and Eyup Valley is expected to recover its former green days.