Kâğıthane OfisPark, US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED provided by Gold (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is certified. The project, the first LEED-certified in Eyup leads the industry as the project office.

LEED criteria, taking all necessary precautions to avoid contaminating the environment of the construction activities, ensuring the wearer's quality of life and level of comfort, energy savings, local and qualified materials selection and all kinds of life to the efficient and effective use of all resources, use and covers the operating standard .

The rigorous selection began in the construction phase in the implementation of LEED standards OfisPark Kağıthane, returning the advantage to the end user. So both investors and also gives operators the opportunity to use resources efficiently and provided 15-20% savings in operating costs.

under the LEED project; The re-use of land, making maximum use of daylight, providing a high insulation value of the building shell, recyclable material use, indoor use materials to improve the quality of life, water and energy consumption are being implemented to use the criteria of efficient engineering system that allows optimization on. These criteria are the end users OfisPark promises a healthier living space.